Written by Fauziah Shah, MA, HBCE, BCH, CI, CPHI

Preoccupation with Money at the Expense of Health

Becoming instant millionaires or at least being financially rich is the aim of many people today. This has given rise to the mushrooming of self-help gurus, books and motivational courses to cater to the needs of such people. People are becoming more and more pre-occupied with the idea of making money and more money. There is nothing wrong with this trend, as long as they keep it in perspective and realise the importance of other aspects of life as well. For instance, there is no point in making more money if they end up with vast reserves of money and are unable to enjoy it due to poor health. And in most cases, poor health stems from mental stress and negative emotions, which interestingly blocks their ability to attract wealth into their lives

Money Cannot Buy Everything

Acquiring money should not be the end result of perseverance. People should know what to do with money and how to get money work for them. They should also realise that money is just a tool to help them get what they want in life and that money is not the end all of their efforts. Then there are many things in life that money cannot buy, so if people live their lives intelligently while being aware of what they can achieve, with or without money, they can be assured of a better quality of life. As is widely known in many circles, you can use money to buy a house but not a home, a clock but not time, a bed but not sleep, a book but not knowledge, a doctor's services but not good health, a position but not respect and last but not least, blood can be bought but not life. So there is more to life than just getting preoccupied with acquiring money.

Money Alone Isn't Enough

When people are solely preoccupied with making money and acquiring material possessions, their world view gets distorted. And they fail to observe all other aspects that are necessary for a successful life, like healthy relationships and good health. This preoccupation and obsession leads to more and more people suffering from stress related ailments. The sad part is that accumulated negative emotions can kill. From my private practice as a hypnotherapist, I find that negative emotions that are not released can get congested in different parts of the body, causing physical ailments, which if left untreated, can even be life threatening.

How Emotions affect our Life

Our life is made up of a constant flow of events, with events from our past, our thought projections into the future and a never ending stream of "Nows" - all affecting us at the same time. In other words, we are a sum result of our past, present and future. Out of each moment, we weave the tapestry of our life. All our memories, hopes and dreams, successes and failures, depend on what we do with each fleeting moment. Our experience of life is based on our interpretation of each event which in turn again depends entirely on the emotions that we attach to the event. How we feel about each situation, determines our experience of, and our reaction to, the event.

Understanding Emotions for Better Financial Stability

Our emotions affect our thought processes and attitude and vice versa. For example, people can get upset when things go wrong, like when there is a slip up at work, when things are not done on time, when they cannot meet deadlines or when they are overworked. As their emotions take a turn towards unhappiness, their attitude also swings in the same downward direction, becoming prone to more negative thoughts. This soon starts affecting every aspect of their lives. When people are unable to function as a result of all these negativities, they start attracting misery and misfortune instead of wealth, happiness and health. So a good understanding of emotions and how to manage them will help people take charge of their life and adopt a more positive outlook. This way, they are in a better position to attract wealth, health and happiness into their lives.

A Matter of Choice - What will you do?

It is a fact of life that life is not just a bed of roses. We will be faced with setbacks and disappointments at some points in our life. The question is: Will we be able to maintain a positive outlook and an optimistic view of life despite the setbacks? Are we able to use our skills in situations that take a turn for the worse? Are we strong enough to allow our skills to shine through in tough times? Are we able to understand our emotions and manage them effectively? Are we going to prevent outside events like the rise and fall of stocks to influence our judgements or affect our performance? Are we going to stop wallowing in self-pity and avoid resigning ourselves to what fate has in store for us? Do we want to control our attitude and take charge of our life and do we stop outside factors from controlling them? It is all a matter of choice. If your answers to all these questions are "yes", you've got the right attitude. However, many people have found that despite all the good advice they get about how to succeed in life and despite the numerous motivational talks they've attended and the equally numerous self-help books they've read, they're still at the place they first started. What then is the ultimate solution?

Whose Help Do You Seek When Faced With Emotional Issues?

The more we understand our emotions, the better we'll be in trying to manage them so that they do not adversely affect our performance, both in social and business situations. In many cases, when we get overwhelmed by our negative emotions, we are unable to make wise decisions. This situation can be counter productive in a business setting when we have to make decisions that are financially sound. However there is always a solution. Just as we seek the help of specialists for health reasons, we need to seek the assistance of hypnotherapists when it comes to emotional issues that may seem overwhelming.

How Emotions Influence Judgements

Albert Schweitzer (Jan 14 1875 to Sept 4 1965), a German philosopher, physician, humanitarian and theologian who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1952, once said that most people, especially westerners, tend to conceive themselves as rational human beings driven by rational thought, but he felt that this view was not true. Schweitzer said: "People undervalue the extent to which emotions influence their judgements."

How can a Hypnotherapist Help?

A hypnotherapist can help people understand their feelings and how to manage them. The way it's done is through the subconscious mind, so the results are more often quite permanent. When I work with clients, I start off with psychotherapy where I talk to clients and help them reframe their thought patterns and feelings. Then I do hypnotherapy with them working according to the issues that are uncovered during the process. Finally I teach them self-hypnosis which empowers them and lets them take control of their life and not be dependent on me. They are able to practice this everyday until we meet again for the next session. This also ensures that the session they do with me is reinforced, making the whole process more effective. And this skill is something they take back with them for life so that if another problem surfaces later in life, they will know what to do.

Take Action Now!

Why wait? If you want to remove mental or emotional blockages to your success and if you want to remove past baggage that is preventing you from being as successful as you want to be, then call me now so that you can start transforming your life. This is the time to start attracting wealth, health and happiness into your life so that you can claim the life that is rightfully yours.

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