HypnoBirthing in Singapore
Written by Fauziah Shah, MA, HBCE, BCH, CI, CPHI

A Natural and Alternative Birthing Method

HypnoBirthing is regarded today as a new way of giving birth that is relatively pain-free, and that does not require much medical intervention. But the truth is that HypnoBirthing is not at all a new practice. It actually goes back to when mankind first existed, to the times when there were no hospitals and surgeons. HypnoBirthing is actually a process whereby women return to the most natural way to give birth, the way birthing is meant to be.

What puts off many women from birthing is the fear of pain. However, pain is relative and those who have attended HypnoBirthing classes know that birthing can be a pleasant experience, if only they knew it. God has given women uterus that has three main muscle groups, which contract regularly to allow babies to come out smoothly during birthing. However during birthing, women panic at the onset of the contractions, usually due to wrong information portrayed in the mass media (for instance, images of women in labour screaming in pain). Hence, women in labour unconsciously tightens those very muscle groups, thereby causing pain to themselves.

Today, more and more women with low risk pregnancies are turning to HypnoBirthing as an alternative and natural way to give birth. They choose to give birth using no medications at all, including pain relievers like epidurals. Instead, they rely on techniques such as relaxation and controlled breathing. With natural childbirth, the mother is in control of her body, usually with a labour assistant gently guiding and supporting her through the stages of labour. And the child comes into the world drug-free, and hence free of drug related issues. Pain medications are known to affect labour - the mum's blood pressure might drop, her labour might slow down or speed up or she might become nauseous, and she might feel a sense of lack of control. All of such negative effects can be avoided with HypnoBirthing.

For many mothers-to-be, having a natural childbirth isn't about being "brave" or a "martyr" - it is about treating labour and delivery as a natural event. Many women find the experience, despite the effort, extremely empowering and rewarding. These women choose natural childbirth to feel more in touch with the birth experience and to deal with labour in a proactive manner.

Mothers-to-be and their spouses are encouraged to attend a HypnoBirthing Couple's Course so that they can explore what natural birthing entails. It is usually held for a couple of hours each meeting, with five sessions spaced out over five weeks. And those who would like to become HypnoBirthing professionals, they can attend a Practitioners course which can be done over six full days.

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