Hypnosis and Daydreaming
Written by Fauziah Shah, MA, HBCE, BCH, CI, CPHI, CMT

Daydreaming Can Be A Positive Trait?

Have you ever been chided by your school teachers or parents for daydreaming? This is quite common as daydreaming is considered a waste of precious time in a society that focuses on productivity. In fact, people are under constant pressure to produce, to do something useful, and to succeed. However the interesting thing is that daydreaming can allow you to do just that. At most times a single daydream lasts only a few minutes, but the possibilities are greater.

First of all, in our fast-paced lifestyle, daydreaming offers us the opportunity to relax as our mind is given a short break, a mini vacation that allows us to release tension and anxiety, after which we feel refreshed and energized. This aspect of daydreaming can be utilized in hypnotherapy where we can coach our clients to practice deep breathing to release tension, to mentally visualize that they are going through certain steps in accomplishing their goals so that when they come back to reality, they are better able to handle the real situation. Daydreaming is also known to effect physiological changes, as when the stress level reduces, the blood pressure of a person can also be lowered.

Daydreaming can be helpful to manage conflict. For example, if a person was involved in an argument and was feeling upset either because she was hurt or because of guilt feelings for having said or done something, then by reflecting upon what had happened and going through mentally what went wrong and how that situation could have been averted, the person gains an insight that is going to help her deal with similar situations. Also, she gets a better understanding of how to interact with that person in the future. Daydreaming can also be a vital tool for couples who have problems that need to be resolved. Organized daydreaming is part of what we do when we help clients reflect on their partners for the purpose of understanding each other and to be better equipped to handle relationship issues.

Regarding productivity, many people find that when they spend some time just daydreaming about what needs to be done and what can be done, they are usually more productive immediately after as they may have mentally categorized what tasks can be done simultaneously and what can be done immediately after and so on. This way, they get more tasks done than if they had started doing them and gotten distracted along the way.

There is a lot of talk these days about the power of your thoughts and that what you focus on a lot starts happening, so when a person is daydreaming about what he wants to achieve in his life, he has actually started thinking about his goals so that before he knows it, they start materializing. However, a word of caution is necessary to prevent people from thinking that constant daydreaming throughout the day is good, as it can be counter-productive if all a person does is to daydream. This can lead to obsessive daydreaming that may interfere with day to day functioning. For example if a very lonely person were to just idly start focusing on his past, he would continue living in his past mentally and find himself unable to function in the real world, thus becoming even more lonely. So to sum up, there are many benefits in daydreaming but like all good things, moderation is the key.

How to Harness Daydreaming for Good

Self-hypnosis techniques can teach people to relax with very little effort. Trained hypnotherapists will also be able to teach their clients a mind body spirit form of self hypnosis called 7th Path, which is designed to deprogram their minds of limiting beliefs and then to program them to be able to achieve whatever they want, need or desire.

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